1. Tbt
    #laos in February (at Luang Prabang)

  2. #montana (at miracle of america museum)

  3. Back in #Brooklyn (at Ridgewood, NY)

  4. #norway (at Aalborg Vestby)

  5. #norway (at Aalborg Vestby)

  6. Norwegian Wood
    #oslo (at Oslo, Norway)


    Tomorrow TUESDAY JUNE 1st The Boston Boys are recording a LIVE B-Side to our vinyl coming out in the Fall. Please come be a part of a unique interactive experience (details in link). Also an opportunity to learn more about an amazing residency program for Bay Area artists of all kinds at Zoo Labs which I couldn’t recommend more highly. There will be 20 minute performances at 3pm 5pm 7pm and 9pm and a short debriefing before and after. FREE but please RSVP.

    And yes…there will be libations (at The Zoo Studio)

  8. #kentucky (at Owensboro, Kentucky)

  9. Drummers (at Ultra Sounds Studio)

  10. #colombia a couple weeks ago (at Manizales, Colombia)